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NinjaTrader Platform

What do you care about as a futures trader when you select a futures trading platform? Is it the interface design, the ease of use, or the ability to execute at low latency (in geek talk that means fast)? What if you can get it all?

Don’t think of NinjaTrader only as a futures trading platform but also as a highly developed "thinking" software that grows with you as a trader.

What do we mean? Typically, you open a platform and shortly after you feel overwhelmed trying to figure out what each button does. Suppose that you could just "go easy" and use ONLY the functions you need? NinjaTrader starts out as a "plain vanilla" platform and it evolves to be…well, pretty much just about whatever you would want a platform to be.

Imagine a platform that applications may be added under your control as you grow as a trader.You may start with a chart, a quote board and execution then somewhere down the road you may decide to add stops and targets, and later you may decide to make an automated trading strategy (and you don’t need to be a programmer for that). It’s all possible with NinjaTrader.

Why? Because it was developed by people who understand traders: how they think, how they evolve and above all, why they switch platforms periodically as they change methodologies.

NinjaTrader’s goal is to be your LAST platform. NinjaTrader listens to its growing community of traders, and after 8 years it has evolved to be a platform chosen by many as their sole platform.

As part of NinjaTrader’s ongoing efforts to improve, new features are being added slowly to make the platform more stable, feature rich and consuming less of your computer resources.

Advanced Charting

NinjaTrader’s Advanced Charting

Strategy Analyzer

NinjaTrader’s Strategy Analyzer

Easy Order Entry


NinjaTrader’s ATM

Chart Trader

NinjaTrader’s Chart Trader

Super DOM

NinjaTrader’s Super DOM

How do you like to execute? Directly from the chart? From the DOM (Depth of Market)? Or an advanced order management and? NinjaTrader offers these flexible solutions to you as a trader. Here are a few more details how NinjaTrader utilizes efficient and fast order execution:

Advanced Trade Management (ATM) NinjaTrader

Futures Markets Move Fast! You need a fast order execution and management that will save you time in placing your orders.

  • Automated Stops and Profit Targets (if you have specific targets and exits automated them so they are placed for you as soon as you enter the trade)
  • Auto Trailing Stops (you never know how high or low a market can go!)
  • Auto Break Even Stop Loss (Protect your Positions!)

Chart Trader

Do you want to see your orders on the charts and execute right from it? Great…NinjaTrader has it and you can also Enter, Modify and Cancel orders…all while you see your P&L(profit and loss) in real time.

Super DOM (Depth of Market)

This is used by active, very active, futures traders! Click the Buy, the Sell with a single click and modify it a few seconds later as the market moves.

Trade Track

Entry ticket system with entry buttons and breakeven functionality.

Enhanced Chart Display

Advanced Charting

Clear visual displays of price movement of your favorite futures instrument with ability to trade from, create an extensive library, and have feature-rich drawing tools.

Back Testing Capability

How do you know if your methodology or strategy is any good? Run historical back testing on it! Then, do walk forward optimization and finish your testing with back testing of a basket of futures instrument if you trade more than one.

Rule Based Spread Sheet

A quote sheet allowing you to monitor, sort and rank hundreds of instruments in real time. This includes 150 columns, rules based cell color coloring and alerting, dynamic ranking, sorting and filtering customer criteria through NinjaScript®

Trade Performance Analyzer

Analyze your live trades or your back tested strategies with over 80 criteria analyzers! Generate them on a graph, and analyze their validity.

Other Important features:

Time & sales Window, Level 2 market data, Market Data, alerts Window, etc. Automated Your Trades!

Advanced Charting

NinjaTrader’s Advanced Charting

Market Replay

NinjaTrader’s Back Testing


Develop Automated Trading Strategies

NinjaTrader’s Automated Trading

Strategy Analyzer

NinjaTrader’s Strategy Analyzer

Execute Automated Trading Strategies

NinjaTrader’s Trade Execution

Automate Your Trades

As traders advance in their trading career many would like to automate their own methodology.
Some of the reasons why traders may choose to automate their trades vary from developing non-emotional rules to the lack of time to follow the markets. You can automate your trades via the native based NinjaScript® or an external application such as TradeStation®, Esignal® or any other that application that is capable to connect to NinjaTrader!

Develop Your Own Automation

Looking for the highest possible performance language? Construct automated trading strategies using our C# based NinjaScript® (you can develop a simple point and click construction for non-programmers)

Analyze Your Automated Strategies

You need to test the performance both historically and in real time. That is why NinjaTrader provides high performance back testing, walk forward, genetic optimization and a Monte Carlo Analysis real time simulation testing.

Execute Automated Trading Strategies

NinjaTrader is our preferred brokerage for our futures trading customers. NinjaTrader provides flexible and robust deployment options. Use NinjaTrader to automate the execution of trading signals from your favorite application. Route orders from TradeStation and Esignal to our brokerage (no programming required). Multiple interface options such as File, DLL and .NET

Speed of Execution

Do Milliseconds Count?

Can a Good method turn into a bad an unsuccessful methodology because your execution is slow?

Why Does Speed of Execution Matter? All of your LIMIT orders are in a cue and the faster you are in the more likely you will get filled. A one second interval in trading can seem an eternity, so most time frames for order entry are discussed in Milliseconds (1/1000) of a second. Professional traders "fight" algorithmic traders who place trades via super high paced dedicated servers co-located on the CME exchange. What’s your edge?

Introducing Rithmic! Whether you are part of a prop shop or are a professional trader, Rithmic’s trade execution software delivers to you the low latency and high throughput performance formerly seen only by the very large trading houses and boutique hedge funds - Tick-to-Trade in less than 250µs.

250µs? This is a quarter of a Millisecond. Fast Enough?

Now combine the charting, analytics, and the automation of NinjaTrader with the data feed of Rithmic, and what do you get?
Probably one of the better-oriented solutions for the beginner or the advanced futures trader.

Advanced Charting
Strategy Analyzer
Chart Trader
Market Replay
Develop Automated
Execute Automated